Insurance Rewards Program

Receive up to 5% of your Insurance Payment back as a donation credit from any of our participating Insurance Companies.

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A new way to support
your charity

The Givesurance donation wallet gives everyone the ability to be a philanthropist at no additional cost.


We spend over $2.1 trillion in insurance premiums each year. 113 million people in the U.S. already donate to charities. If we receive 5% of insurance premiums as a donation credit, an additional $100 billion could go towards charities every year to make a significant impact.

Total spent on insurance premiums

Total number of donors in the U.S.

How much could be donated

How it Works

Getting 5% back from your insurance payment comes with no fees to you or the charities you support.

Check Eligibility

Tell us your insurance company, your renewal date, and policy number.

Receive Donation Credit

We take care of the paperwork. Once you've qualified, you will receive your donation credit.

Donate to Charity

Donate your credits to any charity in our network with just a click.

Our Story

In the summer of 2014, we joined 500 Startups, a tech startup incubator/accelerator program in San Francisco. We assembled a unique and talented team with experience in nonprofits, insurance, and the tech industry. Givesurance was started as a means to help charities raise money through their donors’ choice of the insurance providers. Since then, we’ve partnered with the world’s best and largest insurance companies to help people receive donation credits from their insurance payment they already make. The Givesurance donation wallet now gives everyone the ability to be a philanthropist at no additional cost.

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